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1. Dimensions Healthcare

Dimensions Healthcare (DHC) is a healthcare informatics and consulting firm founded in 2008. The company assists both public and private health sectors in establishing high standard healthcare systems. It blends healthcare information, technology and experience to provide evidence-based solutions for healthcare providers. DHC houses a number of young, motivated and highly skilled professionals who work relentlessly for innovations that further enhance the company’s products. DHC attributes its success to the use of solid technologies, a deep understanding of true market needs and building partnerships with renowned healthcare informatics companies around the world. The company’s main product lines are built to cater to the true needs of the healthcare industry. DHC benefits from the experiences of its many allies, some of which are Ingenix of United Health Group (US largest health informatics company), MedImpact (US largest Independent Pharmacy Benefit Manager – PBM) and DataSEL (a leading health information systems provider in Turkey). Additionally, DHC is a partner of numerous American, European and regional companies as well as the exclusive local partner of Ingenix in UAE. By 2015, the company aims to have its solutions deployed at more than 6,000 healthcare facilities, used by more than 50,000 clinicians and serving more than 20 million lives worldwide. Not so impossible when you’re an SME in Dubai.

CEO / Owner name: Dr. Omar Ghosheh
Bank: ADIB



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2. Ecobility Energy Solutions

Ecobility was launched by two former investment professionals with a passion for sustainability who were determined to leverage their expertise to catalyse a new kind of business in the region that delivers returns across to people, planet and profit. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to a unique partnership approach of openly sharing knowledge and raising awareness among stakeholders. Compound this further with the company’s first mover advantage as a sector pioneer, and you will recognise the company as a driven, innovative and fast‐growing organisation. Growth strategy is focused on entering new markets poised for mega infrastructure development as well as those with energy challenges. Ecobility develops and commercialises solutions designed specifically for the region. This has garnered a unique advantage and a differentiated position in the market. The company works in the interest of the client to create genuine value. Moreover, in the pursuit of service excellence, they maintain open channels of communication with clients, allowing them to remain informed of client needs and exchange ideas. Testimony to the success of this approach is the considerable amount of client referrals. Innovation is key to business – especially in the fast evolving world of LED lighting. Accordingly, Ecobility has embarked on an aggressive product development plan to cater to new market segments and locations. They anticipate engaging macro‐level stakeholders across the region to work together towards the development and adoption of efficiency standards.
CEO / Owner name: Karim Aly, Wadah Abusin
Bank: Emirates NBD



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3. Propertyfinder.ae .

Michael Lahyani had heard of the opportunities in the real estate industry of Dubai. Arriving here with plans to buy property, he noticed how the only available method for research was to go through the endless real estate supplements in the newspapers. It was, no doubt, very inconvenient, and so Lahyani decided to come up with an alternative media. An online property portal. PropertyFinder.ae, a part of REA Group, was established in 2007 as the first online property portal in the UAE. A pioneer in its industry and offering a unique and much needed service, PropertyFinder was able to attract numerous real estate agencies in Dubai of all sizes and specialities. Lahyani recruited an efficient and able research and development team which helped bring cutting•edge technology to the website in order to provide the best service to its clients. The website offers a much more cost effective marketing option to all real estate agents, especially since many corporations are now switching their focus from print to online advertising to keep up with evolving consumer trends. Lahyani believes that there is a lot of potential for further growth in the UAE and wants to use his website to help promote property sales in Dubai. REA Group will also be launching similar property portals in Qatar and in Bahrain before the end of 2011.

CEO / Owner name: Michael Lahyani
Bank: Commercial Bank of Dubai


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4. Intercoil International Co. LLC

Intercoil International, established in 1974, are the pioneers of bedding manufacturing in the UAE. Through constant development of its infrastructure, continuous innovation, and implementation of total quality management, the company has grown to become one of the leaders in its industry. Their success is mainly attributed to long•term vision aligned with the tried and tested organisational mission, vision, purpose and values which addresses the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. Sound management practices complemented by the loyalty of its employees and business partners have enabled Intercoil to achieve its objectives. The company plans to grow further by continually developing its business procedures, expanding geographically and acquiring forward integration. Over the years, Intercoil has been successful in strengthening its market position, market share, and leadership role in the bedding industry locally and in the region through increased brand awareness and aggressive marketing campaigns. Intercoil’s vision is to become the market leader in orthopedic sleep systems in the Middle East region. They elevate their position as a guide for consumers with regards to information on healthy sleep and orthopedic mattresses and beds. By developing a learning organisation that easily adapts to changing market conditions, Intercoil plans to be proactive in providing customers with superior quality products and services based on their feedback and requirements.

CEO / Owner name: Hassan Abbas Ali Al Hazeem
Bank: Emirates NBD


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5. Mepco Gulf Co. LLC


In 2006, Baaklini's business partner decided to focus on other ventures and opted out of Mepco Gulf Co. Baaklini bought his shares and decided to impose some major changes to the company. He worked to change the modus operandi of the company, converting its status of 'commission agent' to 'trader'. Eyeing great success, he took a calculated risk with its longstanding clients by increasing its margins considerably, and soon enough his efforts proved fruitful. Today, Mepco Gulf Co. has earned much success through its hard work. Regardless of its relatively small size and limited budgets, the highly efficient workforce at the company ensures a high turnover every time. Baaklini believes that in order to allow his staff to work to their fullest potential, he has to empower them through motivation and a sense of security and recognition. The company pays special attention to its customers and suppliers, ensuring loyalty, and provides complete transparency. Believing strongly in providing personalised support to clients, Baaklini ensures that all sales managers make quarterly visits to the markets they cover. Baaklini wants to solidify Mepco Gulf Co.'s presence in every market it currently covers before looking at expanding to other regions. The company will soon be introducing an interactive blog where members of the senior management team can exchange ideas and induce a community-oriented atmosphere among itself and with its clients, as well as entering social media networks in order to reach a wider target market.

CEO / Owner name: Fadi Jean Baaklini
Bank: Blom Bank France SA




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6. Enerplastics LLC

Enerplastics, a petrochemical company established in 1999, attributes its success largely to Dubai. The reputation of Dubai, they say, allows customers who order products from this country a certain sense of comfort and trust. Enerplastics, which was initially funded solely by its owner, now generates a cash flow healthy enough to allow comfortable investments towards its potential growth. Aman Ur Rahman, the owner and CEO of Enerplastics,believes the research and development department deserves the greatest investments. Since Enerplastics belongs to the manufacturing industry, which is largely dominated by giants including the UAE Government, the company needs to focus especially on keeping up with competition. In order to do so, it must have a highly functioning and well experienced research and development team working continuously to create good, better and best.

Innovation, too, is key to the company’s success. In a market, where other larger companies are providing the same product as yours, it is essential that you continuously introduce products that are newer, more efficient and more affordable than the previous.

Enerplastics aims at fostering a strong sales culture where customer service is at its finest and uses Dubai’s increasingly positive reputation as a port to leverage its own successes.

CEO / Owner name: Aman Ur Rahman

Bank: Emirates NBD / Mashreq Bank



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7. E-Home Automation International



Architect Khalifa wanted a state-of-the-art home automation system for his newly built villa.When the options available in the market did not provide him with what he had in mind,
he decided to do it himself, and that led to the beginning of
e-Home Automation. Since 2003 the company has been supplying world-class home automation systems to real estate mega projects in Dubai and the GCC. With a lack of revolution in the automation market, e-Home systems are technologically superior, offering the highest levels of functionality and innovation. Breakthrough products created through intense research and development, selecting well-connected local experts as partners for e-Home branches in other countries and strategic collaborations all played a major role in the company's success. The only automation products in the world that have built-in Islamic features, e-Home products have been specifically designed so large-scale real estate developers and Telco's can deploy Smart Cities quickly, affordably and with low maintenance costs. The systems support Smart Grid energy saving technology – making them ideal for governments and utility companies. e-Home plans to grow by winning more mega-projects and by working with Telco's and government agencies throughout the Middle East.

CEO / Owner name: Dr. Ahmed A. Al Jaziri Arch. Khalifa A. AlJaziri
Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank







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8. Mani Foods Industry

The Rahmani family, who have a strong background in the agro manufacturing industry, established Mani Foods Industry in 1887. The company specialises in the production, processing and marketing of branded premium quality dried fruits and nuts. Strong believers in simplicity and purity, their wealth of expertise has been gathered over a century of selecting the best fruits and nuts and caring for them in environmentally sustainable ways throughout the entire process, from picking to packing. Simple choices that people make for a healthy living can have a huge impact on the future of healthy families.

Consumer demand for healthy snacks is growing in the global food market. Mani works towards bridging the gap between health and convenience with a focus on wellness and innovation in global market from Europe to Canada and North America. Mani is planning to introduce new products, that are high in fiber and protein and low in cholesterol and saturated fats, to the global market. These products are aimed to become a great snack for anyone at any time, anywhere they go. The company has been honoured with several international awards for its consistent high quality and environment-friendly practices.

CEO / Owner name: Abouzar Rahmani
Bank: Noor Islamic Bank



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09. Paramount Computer Systems FZ LLC

Paramount Computer Systems was founded in the year 1992. There was a simple vision: a determination to adhere to clearly articulated values while focusing on excellence and nothing short of it.

Over the years, Paramount Computer Systems has acquired the widest range of customers in the region, including Etisalat, Qtel and Emirates Airlines. The company has also established joint ventures with a number of brands in the region apart from international giants such as McAfee and Juniper.

Paramount Computer Systems was the pioneer in the information security market in the GCC, as well as the first company in its field to earn an ISO rating in the Middle East. The company has also earned a number awards and recognitions.
The company follows the philosophy that a business is erected upon three pillars – People, Process and Technology, and that business deals should provide a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties involved. In keeping with their philosophy, The CEOs of the company have recruited an ingenious leadership and management team, making Paramount Computer Systems the largest reservoir of security talent in the GCC.

The management at Paramount Computer Systems has developed a well-defined agenda for its growth over the next three years. The company will be focusing primarily on geographic expansion, spreading its influence to countries such as KSA and Brunei. It is also looking at using inorganic growth to foray into the global market while it continually evolves to stay ahead of competition in its field.

CEO / Owner name: Premchand Kurup
Bank: ADCB



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