59. Relays Engineering Consultants

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59. Relays Engineering Consultants

The endless opportunities presented to the construction industry in Dubai inspired Talal Al Huraibi to establish an engineering consultancy firm in 2007.
Determined to provide a solid, successful foundation for construction projects in Dubai and hence play a major moral role in the very development of the city, the CEO of the company, Manoj Agrawal, set out to recruit staff for the company. Through a careful, selective approach, he was able to gather a team of highly experienced engineers fromthe fields of electrical, mechanical, civil and architectural engineering. Abiding by strict standards and specifications, the consultants at Relays strive to ensure that clients
are provided with the best and most relevant assistance regarding their businesses. Relays Engineering Consultants believe that when they are entrusted with finding the right solutions for their clients’ businesses, it is not just the future of the clients’ organisation they are entrusted with, but also the future of Dubai as a whole.

CEO / Owner name: Manoj Agarawal, Talal M. Al Huraibi
Bank: Emirates NBD, RAK Bank & ADCB