21. Zams International FZCO

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21. Zams International FZCO

Zams International was founded in August 2001 by Murtaza Fazal and his wife Maryam Fazal. As a young and dynamic company, it soon established itself as one of the largest suppliers of processed food products. It is an export management and marketing company that represents both manufacturers and in-market distributors in many countries. Zams is uniquely qualified to market, distribute, promote, advertise, and manage brands with professional programs specifically tailored for individual markets. The company is reputed as the distributor of the full range of American Garden food products and Diamond Aluminum foils. Its priority is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services, and to be recognized as the standard for excellence in the industry.
The responsibilities of Zams International FZCO, in addition to extending corporate name brands and private labels to customers, goes beyond the export and offer for sale of quality products. They back their services with professional sales and marketing managers, regularly scheduled marketing campaigns, ongoing global market research, promotions, multiple marketing programs, ongoing product development and participating in various exhibitions around the world. Zams International’s initial area of operation was UAE, but it later expanded by catering to the markets of other Middle East economies as well as Jordan, India, Pakistan and Africa. The company envisions covering markets in other central and southern African countries by participating in food trade fairs in Tanzania, Nigeria and Sudan.

CEO / Owner name: Murtaza Fazal
Bank: HSBC